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Where the beginning is not a journey, but a pathway to a better destination.

Oikos (from the Greek) is a word infused with a great deal of meaning, hope, and promise, it has three basic meanings “Home, Family and Community” Oikos Residential Family Centres will provide a safe and supportive assessment environment for families who have had areas of concern but have the space to explore solutions and pathways identified regarding their ability to parent their child/children effectively and safely. We aim to provide assessments which are independent, child centred and detailed according to best practice and childcare legislation. We will work with families to instil hope by building on their existing and possibly hidden strengths for them to achieve their goal and identify external strengths in other partners for the greater good for all concerned.

The Directors

Peter Davis
Peter Davis

Operations Director

Simmy Sekhon
Simmy Sekhon


Rehana Akbar
Rehana Akbar

Responsible Individual (Director)

Senior Management Team

Zahida Parveen
Zahida Parveen

Registered Manager

Oikos Misson Statement Oikos Family Centre

Mission Statement

Prevailing an honest assessment of our service used with integrity and accuracy.

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The Core Package

  • Fully equipped family accommodation
  • 24 Hour observation using CCTV and monitors
  • Supervised escort service for the first two weeks
  • 24 hour staffing and supervision
  • 10 hours child care per week
  • Access to sensory room
  • Comprehensive risk assessment by qualified Social Workers
  • Allocated Key worker per family
  • Individual tailored personal programmes
  • Supervised activities with Support Workers
  • 1:1 Parenting Key Working sessions 3 times a week
  • 1:1 work around Domestic abuse (Freedom programme delivered by our Registered Manager)
  • Signs of Safety weekly reports
  • Emergency food packs on arrival to cover two days’ worth
  • Supervised contact
  • PAMs Assessment for both parents if requested. This is part of our core costs at no additional charge.